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Stagemaker SR10 by Verlinde

April 2014

Verlinde has added a heavy loads version to its range of new generation STAGEMAKER SR hoists. With its one-metric ton lifting capacity, Stagemaker SR10 is ideal for the handling of grids and scenographic equipment of large capacity. STAGEMAKER SR hoists are the only ones on the market to be equipped as standard with double brake, special CHAINFlux® chain guide, patented Perfect Push® hoist load wheel, retractable carrying grips and protective rubber coating where necessary. The Stagemaker SR range thus offers the most appropriate model for a specific application. SR2 for loads to 250 kg, SR5 to 500 kg and now the SR10 for loads to 1000 kg.

STAGEMAKER SR10 is available with lifting speeds of 4m/min or 8m/min. Versions A or B are available for all models. Version A is fitted with a motor with DC voltage control whereas the version B motor has low voltage control. Its new black painted ergonomic design suits any environment especially where industrial light grids are installed. Exactly like the SR2 model (capacity 250 kg) and SR5 model (capacity 250 kg), it is fitted with retractable handles for transportation to prevent the risk of injury during assembly and ensuring excellent compactness when retracted. Shock-absorbing rubber pads also protect it from impact during manipulations.

STAGEMAKER SR10 is fitted with the best available safety devices to meet current standards and regulations. The new model of STAGEMAKER SR10 is delivered as standard with a double lifting brake system to make it directly D8+ compatible (“D8+ Ready”, tare calculated by dividing the rated capacity by 2) making this lifting unit the only hoist on the market with this level of safety as standard. Furthermore, it incorporates a new, unique hoist load wheel concept with intermediary wheels for the chain drive (Perfect Push®) together with a chain guide system (CHAINFlux® MKII). With the new torque limiter, the positioning of the clutch in the gearbox ensures the load is securely held by the brake whatever the operating conditions. The electrical limit switch as standard equipment on the version B means that maximum high and low positions of the lifting hook cannot be exceeded by the operator.

Three levels of finish are offered for flight cases with the STAGEMAKER SR range: Premium, Eco, Basic. The storage cradles for mobile hoists made of curved steel profiles are movable to facilitate width adjustments according to options fitted on the motor. The “Basic” version is a maintenance tray with solid birch panels, 2 handles fixed to the side supports, stackable trays with 2 runners on the topside and a separate space for the chain. The “Eco” version is fitted with a hinged lid, 9 mm film-coated solid birch panels, 2 sunk butterfly clasps, 2 lid stops, 4 sunk sprung handles, 4 x D100 castor wheels 2 of which can be locked onto runners. It is fitted out with movable steel cradles for single or double brake (adjustable) versions, and 2 chain trays in the middle. The “Premium” version incorporates very tough 9 mm thick panels with a hexadecimal black finish, 2 sunk butterfly clasps, 2 lid stops, 4 x D100 castor wheels 2 of which can be locked onto runners, 8 sunk sprung handles, protective side runners, inspection portholes, production plate and 4 stacking trays.

Flightcase Premium

Flightcase Eco

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