Smartphone application for remoting EUROBLOC VT


    Radio remote control system for hoists
    and travelling cranes


    Radio remote control system for hoists
    and travelling cranes


    Travel and lift speed control system


    Adapted Speed Range


    Extended Speed Range

  • ESP

    Automatic load swinging (pendulum) correction system


Automatic load swinging (pendulum) correction system

The effects of the swinging of loads (pendulum effect) travelling under a suspended crane were traditionally reduced if the operator had enough experience to manage load inertia movement during travel.
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Product advantages

  • Easy parameterization of over length slinging from the control interface
  • Increased productivity of the hoist station
  • ESP allows the user to make use of the whole of the work space; swing correction is achieved throughout load travel whatever the height and position of the load
  • Enhanced safety for the user personnel of the hoist station
  • The operator can concentrate on the load to be shifted and not on the movements of the travelling crane
  • Reduction of maintenance coats (reduction of the effects of mechanical stress on the structure and electrical stress on the motors)

Technical characteristics

Basic working principle
The principle of the control of load swinging is based on the calculation of swing movement time and lifting height.
ESP calculates and automatically corrects the to-and-fro movements of the hook suspended load.

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