Jib cranes and travelling cranes


Overhead handling system in steel profile for loads up to 2000 kg

The ideal solution for moving light loads. The EUROSYSTEM overhead handling system adapts perfectly to your site development or production process needs, offering a great many configurations. The EUROSYSTEM can take the form of a monorail, roller paths, single-girder overhead travelling cranes, double girder overhead travelling cranes, singe or complex circuit systems, with points for changing the direction of travel, or a multi-direction turntable.
Commercial documentation
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Product advantages

  • The loads are easy to handle, thanks to an excellent rolling coefficient.
  • Numerous types of fixation, adaptable to any structure.
  • Installations are pleasing to the eye.
  • The load on the bearing structure is kept to a minimum through the pendular design of the system.
  • Monorail tracks, runways and circuits easily extended thanks to the system’s modularity.
  • Maintenance is practically zero.
  • Great flexibility.
  • Minimum loss of headroom.
  • Installation and fixation by simple bolting.

Technical characteristics

This range of profiles associated with other components like suspensions, manual or electric travelling trolleys and cross travel trolleys enable many lifting solutions to be implemented.

  • Monorail tracks.
  • Runways.
  • Single girder overhead cranes.
  • Double-beam overhead cranes.
  • Telescopic beams.
  • Single or complete circuit systems with change of travel direction by switch or multi-directional turntable.
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