Jib cranes and travelling cranes


Travelling crane components

The range of VERLINDE components for electrically-power overhead travelling cranes offers you a complete high performance hoisting, travelling and traverse system.
Commercial documentation
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Technical characteristics

Electric cabinet.

  • Sealed (IP55) steel cabinet.
  • Main isolating switch, actuatable from outside.
  • Compliant with standard NF 52070.
  • Available in explosion-proof version.

Travelling motor gear box

  • 2 standard travel speeds : many other speed possibilities.
  • Motor-reduction set available in explosion-proof version.

Top-running and underslung end carriage

  • Wheels are also available in spark-proof version.

General power supply line

  • Conventional type of power line.
  • Cable holder chain power line.

Movable box

  • Movable along the length of the crane as its travels, and independent from the hoisting device.

Options available

  • Radio remote-control system
  • VARIATOR : frequency inverter system for variable speed on lifting and travelling motions
  • Electronic system for monitoring the statuses of the hoist and crane
  • Zone lighting
  • Luminous or audio warning system indicating that the load is in motion
  • Digital display of load on the crane, hook or pushbutton box
  • Load gripping system (lifting beam, clamp and clamshell)
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