Electric winches and hoists


Electric synthetic rope hoist for load up to 20,000 kg

A complete new family of electric synthetic rope hoists (VF3, VF5, VF10) which introduce some real innovations protected with more than 15 patents including the use of synthetic rope material instead of steel rope : “Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber” and also the rope angle features.
Commercial documentation

Technical characteristics

  • Load range up to 20 tons.
  • Classification: EN 13001-1.
  • Electric provision: crane, solo.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Hoisting: 2-speed P motors, inverter B & S motors.
  • Synthetic rope Dyneema®.
  • MS2/EP hoisting control.
  • Travelling: variable speed 5 to 20 m/min (mode MS2 or EP).
Eurobloc VF

Options available

  • Second brake (Motor P and S only).
  • Special lubricant for gearbox.
  • Insulated hook.
  • Non rotating hook.
  • Ramshorm hook.
  • Special hook size.
  • Rain cover.
  • Tandem operation.
  • Slack rope supervision.
  • Gear limit switches 4 or 6 steps or with encoder.
  • Hook operated control limit switch (mandatory with Synthetic rope).
  • Synchronised lifting: S motor only.
  • Light and horn for overload indication.
  • Red light for overload indication.
  • Bumper extension between trolleys.
  • 2-step limit switch for trolley travelling (slow + stop).
  • Rail sweep for trolley.
  • Guide rollers for trolley.
  • Trolley anti-collision device.
  • Magnetic limit switch for travelling.
  • IP66 hoist and trolley motors protection.
  • Standby heating for hoisting motor.
  • Standby heating for travelling motor.
  • Standby heating for hoist control panel.
  • Cable reel on trolley.
  • All electrics in bridge panel (P and S motor only).
  • Warning indication for travelling movement (light and horn).
  • 2-step or 3-step load limiter.
  • Inching mode (S motor only for hoisting).
  • Micro speed (S motor only for hoisting).
  • “Rope angle features”: Follow Me / Hook Centering / Snag Prevention.
  • Anti-sway.
  • Expertcare.
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