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Eurocrane Asia equips Naresuan dam hydro power plant with Verlinde hoists

June 2012

Eurocrane (Asia) Co.,Ltd., in Thailand, was appointed by the main contractor ITD (Italian Thai Development Public company limited) to supply and install a complete electric overhead traveling crane for NARESUAN DAM Hydro Power Plant in Pitsanulok Province, Northern of Thailand. This 8.4 mega watt Power Plant is one of EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) new hydro power plant according to the government strategy plan to increase the capacity of power generation using the clean energy to allocate to northern part of Thailand.

Eurocrane (Asia), installed a VERLINDE hoist in the crane that is used in the power house of the plant. This EUROBLOC electric wire rope hoist has a lifting capacity of 60/12.5 tons and a 11 m span with a very high lifting aibility at 33 m to service the rotor at the turbine position which is located 33 m under the crane level. The rotor must lift smoothly up to the ground floor in one shot. This hoist uses a special drum length to reach that demanded lifting height and true vertical lift design must be use to keep the hook position always in the middle to ensure the accuracy of the movement.

The power house crane is very important in a power plant as it is the only equipment for service the turbine. The crane is designed for lifting and installing the rotor. Therefore safety, reliability and high accuracy movement are required to guarantee that all parts and people are under the best operating condition.

Eurocrane Asia is a local professional crane maker, experienced with this type of power house crane for several project of EGAT (eg. Khundan-prakarnchon Dam, Nakornnayok Province) and also several power plants of both government infrastructure and private sector industrial units. The company ensures the best solution of cranes powered by VERLINDE hoists.

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