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Eurochain VR : the new generation of Verlinde electric chain hoists for loads from 63 to 5.000 kg

February 2012

With its completely new design, EUROCHAIN VR is VERLINDE's new range of electric chain hoists. Thanks to its new, fully ergonomic design, EUROCHAIN VR offers a wide range of innovations that guarantee the highest levels of safety, productivity and ease of maintenance.

The EUROCHAIN VR is designed to provide users with the maximum level of safety. In its standard version, it features a new lifting load wheel concept with intermediate teeth to drive the chain, a button unit punch-type On/Off switch, a torque limiter, a disk lifting brake, a very low voltage command (48V), direction speed version variation, a safety electric limit switches for up and down position and complies with the CE machine directive.

EUROCHAIN VR increases productivity. All models offer a wide range of speeds, 25% quicker than the previous generation. The lifting motor is also dual speed as standard for smoother operation. EUROCHAIN VR can lift up to 2.5 tonnes on 1 wire in FEM 2m, providing the possibility of working at higher lifting heights while reducing the chain bag dimensions and so making the lifting unit more compact.

Lubricated for life to reduce maintenance, the reducer is designed for extremely long operating periods of up to 3200 hours. The high precision machining on the gear trains also guarantee operation with a very low level of noise annoyance. The clutch is very easy to access for occasional maintenance operations and its position in the reducer holds the load via the brake regardless of the machine's operating conditions.

A new patented concept, the 5-slot lifting load wheel has 5 intermediate teeth for perfect control over the lifting chain, enabling better guidance for the chain and avoids any risk of jamming. The lifting hook's maximum up and down positions are secured by the electric limit switches located under the chain guidance system. The switches are activated alternately by the lifting hook's upper cone or the slack chain stop.

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