Range of air load balancers
for loads from 70 to 350 kg

With EQUIBLOC AIR®, a full range of pneumatic load balancers, VERLINDE offers comprehensive lifting and handling solutions for industry.



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VERLINDE, EQUIBLOC AIR® pneumatic load balancers come with the following standard equipment : lift and lowering control circuit, 6m of cable, spiral flexible control conduit, valve-box type control interface and an automatic hook.
The following special safety features are also standard : pneumatic measurement load balancing, lift and lowering control unit with balancer mode switch, under-load detection, grip locks (where applicable) if load is lift and with safety valve to keep pressure in tank if the control tube is cut.
The EQUIBLOC AIR® range includes five models of load balancers for loads from 70 kg à 350 kg*.

* Lifting capacity with 7 bar input pressure, measured at the balancer piston.

  • Different trolley types depending on beam used (eg -beam or profile type EUROSYSTEM aluminum)
  • Rigid suspension systems
  • Pneumatic tubing
  • Tube carrier trolleys
  • Load gripping tools (eg mechanical, vacuum, magnetic) according to your specifications
  • Special models available suitable for use in hazardous areas (Zones 1 or 21)