Manual travel trolley
for loads from 1,000 to 100,000 kg

  • Can be used with any type of overhead hooked lifting device.
  • Operated by directly pushing the load (CHZD models) or using a handwheel and chain (CHZDD models).
  • Epoxy Painting (min. 50 ?m).
  • Easily adjustable to fit beams.
  • Steel rollers machined for smooth movement.
  • Trolley body made of high-resistance steel.
  • Rollers compatible with all sorts of I and H beams.
  • Wheel ball bearings are moisture-tight and maintenance free.
  • Galnanized hand chain on CHZDD type.
  • Loads up to 100 tons.
  • Delivered with CE certificate.

Locking device on trolley

Associated Products

  • Greater load capacities available on request
  • 3 Type «Y» models with 3 lifting points, or type “X” with 4 lifting points are also available on request
  • Lifting beams for big bag
  • Special lifting beams
  • Galvanised lifting beams
  • Special lifting beams with pick-up fork for pallets