Manual chain hoist
for loads from 500 to 50,000 kg

  • Epoxy Painting (min. 50 µm).
  • Machined chain sprocket and gears provide smoother, more efficient operation.
  • High strength alloy steel load chain with corrosion-resistant galvanized
  • Galvanized hand chain.
  • ZHV’s compact design offers safety together with reduced weight.
  • Ideal for construction and maintenance applications.
  • Steel casing solidly protects chain sprocket, gearcase and handwheel cover.
  • Upper and lower alloy steel ISO hooks with safety latches.
  • Delivered with CE certificate.

Surface treatment definition

Aluminum Ceramic Coat. This treatment consist into apply a thin layer of Aluminum Ceramic Coat (3 µm) on the components in order to allow an increase in the hardness of the order of 30GPa (pressure of 3 tons per mm2). The advantages of this ceramic surface treatment are :

  • Reduction of the friction between the parts between them for a increase the service life of parts.
  • A reduction of oxidation and corrosion.
  • A surface hardness.
  • Electrical isolation.

Aluminum Ceramic Coat and additional polyester paint. This double treatment consists of depositing a layer of Pigmented polyester on the treatment ceramic in order to offer enhanced corrosion protection (Navy atmosphere).

Associated Products

  • VHR EX
  • VHR
  • ZHV with EX ATEX marking (bronze coated hook, polyester paint,…).
  • ZHV full stainless steel (hoist frame, chain, hook,…).
  • ZHV with Aluminum Ceramic Coat (min.30 ?m).
  • ZHV with Aluminum Ceramic Coat (min.30 ?m) and additional polyester paint.
  • ZHV with Offshore paint coating.
  • Locking device on trolley, activated by hand chain.
  • ZHV with normal headroom trolley (HPN).
  • ZHV with short headroom trolley (HPR).
  • ZHV with trolley for curved beam (HPNB).
  • ZHV with short headroom trolley (HPR).

ZHV with Aluminum Ceramic Coat


Hand chain block EX ATEX with coat of polyester paint and brass hook


ZHV full stainless steel
(500 & 1,000 kg)