Hand lever block
for loads of 250 to 3,000 kg

The PLV is designed to lift, pull or drag loads. Its has application in every branch of industry through the ease with which it can be used and the many services it can provide at all times in the workshop, on the worksite,... It is indispensable wherever space and headroom are at a premium.

Associated Products

  • TLV
  • VHR
  • ZHR
  • The 4 models are attractive, robust, compact, light and highly manoeurable
  • The PLV can be oriented in any direction, the operator can select the lever position enabling him the greatest possible operational convenience
  • PLV lever block are highly compact, thanks to the use of special steel
  • The hand lever block is a new concept combining aesthetic appeal with reliability
  • Chromium-plated hoist and lever
  • Strengthened housing offers good protection for mechanisms
  • The hand lever block offers a high level of safety with limited weight and routine maintenance
  • Unclutching of chain when under no load
  • The hand lever block was tested to approved standards, a test certificate and guarantee are supplied
  • Heavy duty steel alloy hoisting chain
  • Swivellable hooks with safety latches