Range of steel hollow profile gantries
for loads of 500 to 2,000 kg

With this line of VERLINDE independent manual gantries, maintenance services, assembly teams and any artisan mechanic will be able to carry out mounting, dismounting operations, and position parts or assemblies. This line of standard gantries is designed to receive all types of hoisting device. The VERLINDE gantry can be equipped with manual or electrically-powered chain tackle.



Associated Products

  • VHR
  • ZHR
  • ZHV

The characteristics of these gantries are identical to those of the standard profile model except for the following :

  • The raceway of these VERLINDE workshop gantries consists of a EUROSYSTEM hollow profile in steel
  • The gantry is delivered with a manual hoist-bearing EUROSYSTEM type trolley
  • These workshop gantries are mounted on caster wheels in white polyamide
  • The gantry cannot be shifted under load

Load capacity :