Wheel block
type CB

Geared travelling unit type CB
for loads from 8,000 to 80,000 kg

Travelling wheel blocks are all-purpose. They can provide the basic drive system for top-running end carriage for crane or hoist trolley. Wheels are easily dismounted on site for quick maintenance.

Associated Products

  • CHV

Greater savings

  • Wide range of products (six models) for use with a wide spectrum of loads from 8 to 80 tons.
  • The travel drive wheel, guided by grooves, is in forged GGG70 steel making for silent operation while respecting the guiding square on runway to reduce wear and prevent deterioration.
  • The life-lubricated bearings require no routine maintenance. They are protected inside the housing from exterior stress sources (dust, moisture,...).
  • The state of wheel grooves is very easy to check.
  • Changing a wheel bearing is very simple for maintenance operations (easy disassembly).

More safety

  • The housing is closed on five sides to ensure remarkable dimensional stability of wheel blocks.
  • Six models are available enabling total customization of your wheel load requirements.

More smart

  • Five standard configurations are available for mounting wheel blocks on existing structures design to be motorized (hoist trolleys, end-carriages on crane,...). Assembly options offer diversification to meet technical specifications as much as possible, connections are available by bolting, welding or simple recessing of the wheel block.
  • Wide range of proven travelling motors from our hoists and top running end carriages portfolio that are reliable and compact. 2-speed or variable speed versions available (wide range of speed inverters is also available).
  • Guide rollers (optional) enable reducing distortion of guiding square on runway and also minimizing track wear.
  • Anti-derailment system for travelling crane.
  • Anti-derailment system for trolley.
  • Two-speed or speed inverter travelling motors (wide range of speed inverters is also available).
  • Rollers guide.
  • Various types of connection (see above).
  • Anticorrosion epoxy coating.
  • Anticorrosion polyurethane coating.
  • Motor cables.
  • Standby heating for travelling motor.
  • Standby heating for cubicle.
  • Rain cover for travelling motors
  • IP66 protection for 2-speed travel motor.