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Belgium Metal workshops are fitted out with Verlinde overhead cranes

March 2014

Belgium Metal, backed by 20 years of operations in the steel frame and boiler market, moved to brand new premises in 2011 on the Plenesses Industrial Zone at Thimisther-Clermont in Liege province, Eastern Belgium. The company has a well-filled order book due to the much varied industrial potential of Wallonia and has now started operations in Northern France, Luxemburg and Flanders. Verlinde overhead cranes working in Belgium Metal workshops contribute significantly to manufacturing efficacy.

Belgium Metal’s founder, Jean Luc Boulanger, relates: “Ironworker by trade, I set up my ironwork business single-handed in 1986. Well situated in the region, Belgium Metal acquired the Monami workshops in 2003, an opportunity enabling the company to forge ahead in no small way. At this time, the company has a workforce of 40 on a site covering 15.000 m² including workshops taking up 6.000 m² and offices 800 m²”.

Verlinde overhead cranes, first choice for fitting out the workshops

Jean-Luc Boulanger works closely with Electrolevage, Verlinde’s Belgium importer agent. “For many years, our supplier for handling equipment and especially overhead cranes has been and remains Electrolevage which in addition provides an advisory service.” Jean-Luc Boulanger continues: In the metal frames business, as in the boiler activity or mechanized welding, we have to handle very heavy loads in the workshop, often with complex shapes. Handling in our workshops relies to a great extent on the use of Verlinde overhead cranes offering a varied range of hoisting capacities. From Verlinde’s Europont overhead crane range, we operate five single beam cranes of 5 metric tons and two of 10 metric tons. They are fitted with electric powered hoists from the EUROBLOC VT range whose horizontal travel movements are controlled by inverters that offer the advantage of flexibility of travel together with very limited load swinging. Likewise, to facilitate use, rapidity and safety for the personnel, all cranes are remote controlled.

Prestigious works

Belgium Metal, whose specialty is the transformation of metals, is widely acknowledged for its expertise and reliability by its customers in industry, including the building industry, for the most part. Belgium Metal has built and delivered a number of prestigious works, for instance, motorway footbridges, a Total service station and major components for the Soumagne high speed rail tunnel. The mechanical welding business, on the other hand, is mainly focused on the customized building of mechanically welded frames to bear tanks, compressors or even pumps. Finally, Belgium Metal’s boiler making activity applies its proven experience in techniques embracing bending, making sheet metal structures and oxy-cutting to enable the company to build metallic chimneys and ducts up to a diameter of three meters and not least, the building of frames weighing up to 10 metric tons.

Short-term projects

“We are very happy with the equipment Electrolevage offered and installed, both in terms of value for money and in terms of the diversity of the offer and the efficacy of After Sales. Thus, to facilitate our development, we are planning to have 2 new 20-metric ton Verlinde overhead cranes installed in the short term.”

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